Team Formation
  • Enthusiastic Children of ages 9-16 years* from same school, friends, after school institutions, neighborhoods, home schools etc. can form a team
  • Each team should contain 2-10 children and 1-2 adult mentors
  • Register for participating in nearest regional competition. The registration fee per team

* The Date of birth of the participant must fall between 01/Jan/2003 – 31/Dec/2009 in the year of competition release i.e. 01/Jan/2019. No team member may exceed the maximum allowed age limit. 

  • Teams willing to participate in the FLL competition must have access to EV3/NXT platform.
  • Teams should build the robot using this technology to accomplish the tasks on the playfield during the competition.
  • Teams that already own either of these two platforms can utilize the same for competition. 
FLL Challenge Set (Field Setup Kit)
  • FLL challenge set or Field Setup Kit is designed according to the season’s theme.
  • Teams must procure the season challenge set to practice run their robots prior coming to the competition.
  • Each FLL challenge set consists of following components:
  • Mission Models Set: Exclusive collection of several hundred LEGO elements required to build the models to place on the field mat.
  • A roll our field mat of size 44 3/4″ X 92 3/4″
  • Mat will be available for only registered teams 

Rookie teams (first time participating teams) shall purchase the FLL Value Pack that includes; One LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Core Set, One EV3 Expansion Set and One FLL Challenge Set

The Veteran teams shall reuse their existing robotics set and purchase the CITY SHAPER CHALLENGE  Set here 

*The FLL Value Pack & FLL Challenge set are available only for teams registered for FLL 2019 CITY SHAPER CHALLENGE. Team/s won’t be able to purchase the items without submission of ‘Registered Team Number’.