Registration Information
  1. Register early . A dramatic surge in registration/orders occurs in early October. If you place your order during this rush, expect at least a two-week turnaround for delivery once your payment is received.
  2. Purchase Robot Set and Field Setup Kit early. FLL Materials (Robot Set and Field Setup Kit) are not included in the Team Registration fee. FLL Materials must be ordered by the close of registration, and are subject to product availability. We highly recommend that teams purchase the Field Setup Kit early. Field Setup Kits are needed to compete, but can be shared between teams.
  3. We enforce our 10 team member policy at all FLL events. Teams attending an event with more than 10 children will be welcome to participate in the event, but they will not be eligible for awards.
  4. Program Fees - The Team Registration fee is Rs. 15,000/-(Fifteen Thousand Only) inclusive of program fees.
  5. Age Criteria : The Date of birth of the participant must fall between 1st Jan 2000 to 1st Jan 2007 in the year of competition release i.e. 1st Jan 2016. No team member may exceed the maximum allowed age in your region. Allowed age(s) is 9-16 years.
For Jr. FLL India
  1. Jr.FLL Events are non-competitive; they are meant to be a celebration of each teams work.
  2. The Date of birth of the participant must fall between 1st Jan 2007 to 1st Jan 2010 in the year of competition release i.e. 1st Jan 2016. No team member may exceed the maximum allowed age in your region. Allowed age(s) is 6-9 years.
  3. The registration fee is Rs. 6000.00 (Six Thousand Only) per team. The registration fee is non-refundable.
  4. Jr.FLL is a very flexible program in that it requires teams to build unique models made of LEGO elements any LEGO elements are acceptable. Many teams already have LEGO elements with which they can construct an appropriate model which has one motorized moving part and one simple machine.
  5. There is not a specific set needed to participate in the program.
  6. If you have additional questions, please email
Checklist of information you need to register a team:
  1. Shipping address (no postal boxes)
  2. Billing address
  3. Payment method
  4. List of materials you will buy - see Product Descriptions and Pricing for a complete list
  5. Team name (cannot be changed)
  6. Your team will be deleted by the system in case of non- payment within 15 days of the registration. In order to give slots to other teams.
  7. Region selected once for event participation cannot be changed
  8. Team editing will be closed 7 days prior to the regional event date.
  9. Any team or individual cannot participate in more than one regional competition.
  10. A coach can mentor multiple teams but a team member cannot be in more than one team.
  11. Please do not create duplicate teams
  12. We highly recommend that only the team coach should enter the complete and correct info for team registration. Kids should not be allowed to do the data entry, as to avoid the typos and to obtain correct info for the certificates.
  13. Coach´s e-mail address : all the FLL India updates will be send to you on this email ID only.
  14. Information entered by you would be used as it is, for further FLL India purposes like certification, attendance, awards etc. So you are requested to fill the information with correct and desired capitalization.
Product Descriptions and Pricing:

Name Price Required
2016 FLL Team Registration (Required) NON-REFUNDABLE INR 15000/- Yes
FLL® Team Registration fee includes:
  1. 1 team membership (up to 10 children, ages 9-16)
  2. 1 FLL Coaches´ Handbook (available online)
  3. This item is non-refundable
  4. Customer, technical, and engineering support from India STEM Core Team
Payment Method:

  1. NEFT
  2. Cash / Cheque

  3. For NEFT-

    Account Number - 10027630000590
    Account Type - Current Account
    IFSC - HDFC0001002
    Branch Address - Opp. Sector 10 A, Khandsa road, Gurgaon - 122001

    For Cash / Cheque - Download Deposit slip -

India STEM is a non-profit, public charity organization. The team registration fee contributes to the growth and sustainability of the FLL® program and supports ongoing program development.
2016 Field Setup Kit (NON-REFUNDABLE) INR 10000/- + Freight Charges No
(Limit of 1 per team – this item is needed to participate in FLL India, but multiple teams may share) NON-REFUNDABLE

The Teams who have registered themselves for FLL India Competition & have paid the registration amount are liable to buy FLL Mat.

EVERY TEAM must have or have access to a 2016 ANIMAL ALLIES Field Setup Kit.

Field Setup Kits will be shipped once the registration is complete and payment is made.

Freight Charges Options:

  1. Rs. 1700/- (Prepaid shipping charge, to be deposited at the time of FLL Mat payment i.e. Rs. 11700 (FLL mat + Shipping charge))
  2. On to-pay basis. (Individual will have to pay the shipping charge at the time of Delivery, Delivery time 5-7 Days.)
For Order FLL Mat please follow below link:

    The FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) Program Mat is Not a Toy.

    Kit contents change from year to year based on challenge theme.
    It consists of:

    1. Mission Models Set: Exclusive collection of several hundred LEGO elements required to build the models to place on the field mat.
    2. Field Mat, 44 3/4" X 92 3/4" roll-out
    3. Building instructions are obtained online.
    4. This item is non-refundable. The field mat needs to be set up on a flat surface with borders around it.

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